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PFRA - EC Report

Coordination of the reporting process of the Flood Directive implementation results in the whole of the Europe is carried out by the European Environment Agency; (European Environment Agency, EEA) – an agency of the European Union dealing with monitoring of natural environment. 33 member countries and 6 cooperating countries participate in the works of the EEA.

Reportnet – a part of the European Environment Information and Observation Network is used for reporting by member countries (Eionet, https://www.eionet.europa.eu). Eionet is a partner network of the EEA.

The collective report of the European Commission from implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive and the Flood Directive from the previous planning cycle is available at



In the current planning cycle of the Flood Directive Poland is obliged to provide reports in following scope:

Detailed rules of preparing reports for the European Commission are defined by the European Commission FD Reporting Guidance 2018. According to the guidelines, reports should be prepared separately for each river basin. Reports from the review and update of the preliminary flood risk assessment and areas at a risk of flooding, have been prepared for the basins of Danube, Vistula, Świeża, Banówka, Laba, Odra, Pregoła, Neman and Dniester rivers. Each report contains:

  • descriptive part;
  • abstract of the PFRA’s review and update methodology;
  • a Microsoft Access database (.mdb), in the scope and structure defined by EC guidelines;
  • files in .xml generated form the .mdb database, using tools provided by EC;
  • files of spatial data in .shp, in the scope and structure defined by EC guidelines;
  • files in .gml generated from the spatial data files .shp, using tools provided by EC;
  • metadata in .xml for each of the reporting spatial data files.

The process of delivering reports to the Central Data Repository for Reportnet network is illustrated by the following diagram.