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Polish Waters protect against flooding

13 May 2019 r.

On May 8 of 2019, an Agreement on co-financing from the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment No. POIS.02.01.00-00-0001/19-00 of the project “Review and Update of Flood Risk Management Plands”. The parties of the Agreement are NFOŚiGW as the Implementing Body and the Beneficiary, PGWO WP, represented by the President Przemysław Daca. The total cost of the Project is 65 000 000 PLN, including funding from the EU in the amount of 55 250 000 PLN, while the remaining amount comes from the national funds.

The Project implementation begins in the third quarter of 2019, and ends in the second quarter of 2022. PGWWP, Planning Division of the Department of Protection Against Flood and Drought will coordinate the Project.

Flood risk management plans have been drawn up in Poland for the first time in 2016 by the National Water Management Board based on a preliminary flood risk assessment, flood hazard and flood risk maps, which are currently being updated. The first Flood risk management plans were also financed from European Union funds.

The drafts of flood risk management plans from the sea, including internal waters, are prepared by the minister responsible for maritime economy, which are then forwarded to the Polish Waters.